Friday, February 13, 2009

What if Romney had Won?

Luckily we have Obamerica instead!


  1. miterica (n., mi TER ih ka) -- A form of countertop covering (cf. formica) used exclusively in the Vatican, made from old ground-up and processed ecclesiastical miters.

    Ex.: That miterica is especially resistant to stains resulting from spilled wine.

  2. miterica(n) The belief that science and technology are the rational basis for the future of America.
    I see Obama supports miterica.

  3. miterica (n). The pen is miterica than the sword, a proven fact in the 2008 US presidential election when Obamamania and democracy won over right-wing fundamentalism and Limbaughitis.

  4. miterica (adj, My tee Rica) Spanish. Etymology: slang To be not only beautiful but also delicious.

    Enrique, did jew see dat Charmeen? Aight, she may be an old mamacita but I would totally hit dat. Yo, she's miterica.