Wednesday, February 11, 2009


I couldn't pass this one up!


  1. arblogr [noun ar-BLA-gər; alt. sp. arblogrr] A bloggrr who usrs thr lrttrr R instrad of thr lrttrr R.

    "Plrasr commrnt on my blog! I lovr making new frirnds on thr Intrrnrt!" wrote the arblogr.

  2. arblogr - A new type of hacker that hijacks your blog and posts embarrassing confessions as if they are the blog author. Often accompanied by photoshopped pictures from your blog of you wearing something scandalous.

  3. arblogr (n., s., ARB log er, plural. "-ers") -- One who cuts trees down on Arbor Day; the antithesis of "treehugger."

    Ex.: The Arbor Day celebration disintegrated into a brawl between the treehuggers and the arblogrs.

  4. Arblogr! (exclamation) An exclamation used to denote one has spent far too much time on blogging activities.
    "Arblogr! I'll never get the housework done at this rate."

  5. arblogr: (n)- the designated person to run the blog for a specific group
    arblogging: (v)- the updating of specific info in said blog by said arblogr

    "I'm the arblogr in my family because I was the only one who knew how to get it started and taught the others blogging technique."