Saturday, January 24, 2009

A Whole Weeks Worth!

Unfortunately I need to travel to Europe to attend my Grandad's funeral and I'm not so sure how much internet access I'll have. So I'll give you guys a selection to get you through the week and I'll be back next weekend. Have FUN!!!


  1. Sorry to hear about your Grandfather. Commiserations to the family. Hope that being temporarily re-united with your family over there is some small compensation.

  2. Thank you for your kind words Scriptor Senex.

  3. Sorry to hear about your loss. Have a safe journey.

  4. prest (n., past tense) -- Past tense of "priest"; one who was formerly a priest but isn't any longer.

    bionespi (n., bi AHN uh spy) -- A bionically enhanced spy.

    janter (n.) -- A jaunty canter; used of high-spirited horses and those who imbibe too much fermented beverage.

  5. janter (n.) -the annoying chatter of a giggly group as they joke in whispers amongst each other, often at others' expense
    ex: The young boy could only wince a bit as the janter of the departing unfriendly group faded away.

    parth (n.) -the pastey substance that is left within the mouth after one has slept with their mouth open all night
    ex: I awoke the next morning with a horrible stuffy nose and parth coating my mouth.

    corb (v.) -to dig out the insides of a tough-skinned fruit
    corber (n.) -one who digs out the pulp of the fruit as an occupation before it is mashed and bottled or canned as non-perishable produce for sale (corbers (plural form))

  6. Once again: Here is the Southern to English translation...

    Prest=pressed (I prest my jamas so my dreams aint wrinkled)

    Bionespi=buy an espri (Ima go to Italy and bionespi and ride to the pope)

    Janter=janitor (tell the janter to mop up the moonshine off the floor so pa don't slip, again)

    Corbers=Corbin Bernsen (I likeded lookin at LA Law cuz Corbers is a great actor)

    Parth=path (I was walkin down the parth when the big bar (bear) chased me)