Saturday, January 3, 2009

Mrs. Minivers Husband?

Go to it. I already got the ball rolling.


  1. Kiniver [trademarked brand name KEE-nee-ver]
    A motorized, rotating closet accessory that holds swimsuits. Available exclusively on HSN.

    Isn't that Kiniver just one of those tacky rotating tie racks from the 80s, painted with yellow polka-dots? ... What's that? It's only $19.95, plus P&H? Sign me up!

  2. Kin-i-ver [n]
    A person that dives down to the bottom of the sea in search of pineapple houses.

    This also being the person who first sang the song..."I'm a Goofy Goober".

    Come on, doesn't anybody else have to watch Spongebob on a daily basis?

  3. kiniver (n, s, keh NEYE ver) -- One who connives against his or her kin.

  4. kiniver (n) Collective name for people you call Aunty and Uncle but to whom you are not actually related.

  5. Kiniver (Southern Slang)

    this is a regional phrasing that combines 4 seperate words into 1 that translates into can I have her

    ie? Lulu Bell ain't gonna eat her pork skins? Kiniver share?

  6. Kiniver - V. refers to the possible feeling of dread when dealing with kin

    In a sentence: I kiniver when my cranky grandmother calls.

    p.s. When I made my blog URL, I tried everything that I thought would be a cool and memorable URL, to no avail. I glanced down, and skidato was the word verification jumble I needed to verify my human-ness. So, skidato became my URL!

    p.s. #2 - I found your blog through Simply Heather. I really like it! Very cool idea!

  7. Ha ha. Funny Hedgie.
    Liked yours too houstonbch!!

  8. Hey Ya'll come to Tennessee and meet my kiniver here, aunt Bessie and Uncle Joe.

    Ya'll come, Momma's cookin beer deer!