Saturday, January 17, 2009

An Excess of Esses!

Letssss ssssssee ssssssssome resssssssults!


  1. sesses [pl. noun]
    The sounds made when snakes move through sand.

    There are two sounds that will tell you a snake is approaching in the desert. The first, rattles, should worry you. Don't get upset if all you hear are sesses, though - It's most likely a harmless garter snake.

  2. Sess (n) (alt spelling. cess) (pl. Sesses) A sess is an adequacy of something. (q.v. excess, success)

    "I've had my sesses of television and books for the day, let's play a game instead."

  3. sesses [n. sesses ] sometimes mistakingly mispronounced as access.

    This is a special opening in a wall or fence so snakes can slitheringly sneak silently sideways seeking sleeping small squirrels to savor for supper.

    " I blocked up the snake sesses. That should stuff them up." said Cecil.

  4. sesses [n. sesses] the senses of a person with a really bad head cold.

    "Dis code willy knocked out my sesses. I can't smewl an-d-thing." said Jesy in distress over her severe cold.

  5. Sesses-a business meeting that has gone past an hour: Session Excess - Sesses