Thursday, December 4, 2008

Thursday Night Buk Cloob!

Read it and Keep it creative!


  1. brityfor compound word; to emulate British people ("Brity-for")

    They're going brityfor Christmas--a big Dickens theme. She's gone so far as to force her son Tim to walk on crutches all season.

  2. Sounds like something to make a reality TV show of! Will Little Timmy make it? Tune in next week or text your vote to 900-ish-e4it!


  3. Brityfor: (Noun)

    A class of small cakes encorporating copious amounts of sausage.

    Waiter, I asked for a brityfor NOT a petite four. Are you deaf or somthing?

  4. I am not inspired by brityfor, but clicked in hopes of getting a good alternate VW. And I did! Here it is:

    ingle [v.i.]
    To resound in a high-pitched manner.

    I tried being a Salvation Army bell ringer, but after an hour the ding-dong sound was ingling in my ears so incessantly that I just put $200 in the pot and called it a day!

  5. D--HA! I'm going to convert you to my reality TV cult eventually. Just wait and see. You'll be crying with the best of us.

    VW: broradf Brother-in-law

    My broradf for some reason just can't grasp the artistic merits of reality charity television shows.

  6. Beth, I'll be crying with laughter; that's what the best of us do and will continue to do ;D

    VW: Quiddu betting with someone for money that you are right and they are wrong.

    I quiddu you that you will never make me a fan of reality TV or believe there is any artistic value or charitable intentions on the part of the creators and producers other than to line their own pockets!


  7. D--I'm afraid I can't take you up on that quiddu; I'd surely lose. All I can say is, as your relative, it deeply grieves me that you aren't able to benefit from the great fulfillment you could be getting from watching high-quality reality television, preferably for hours and hours every day. That's what makes me cry.

    Oh, and purrype.

  8. brityfor - the feeleing shortly before a wedding when the bride to be suddenly realizes the astronomical amount of money spent on the wedding of her dreams isn't making the prospect of marrying the wrong guy any better.

    Jessica looked across the table during the rehersal dinner and Andrew blowing his nose and the overwhelming brityfor caused her to shudder.

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  10. prefa [PREE-fuh, noun]
    Meaningless "filler words" used before a sentence or phrase.

    Uh, I guess I shouldn't have started this sentence with a prefa.

  11. brityfor - to be pro-British.

    I haven't met a Frenchman yet who was brityfor.

    (Reality TV! Sorry Beth unless yours is so much better than ours - which I doubt because I'm brityfor - I agree with d.

  12. brityfor (adj) - lovely, pretty, goodlooking

    She is brityfor. (beautiful)

    Mr. blog owner, am I even doing it right? I was confused when I entered the blog. I tried to find my way through it.

    VW: dryals - dry trials

    We always have dryals when it's sunny.