Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Not one, not two, but three cheers for 2009!

And not soon enough!
Have a Great New Year!


  1. gratel (n., GRAT ul) -- Northern European breakfast dish of sun-dried pilchards and barley in a lard sauce with capers, served over slabs of oat bread.

    Ex.: Eat your gratel or you'll grow up to be French.

    * * *
    prokini (n., pro KEE nee) -- Pasta made from grits.

    Ex.: Want some more possum gravy on your prokini?

    * * *

    chinsfor (n., pl., CHINS for) -- What you get from eating too much gratel and prokini, one chin more than three. A mark of attractiveness in some cultures

    Ex.: Gnut has just gotten his chinsfor, and the girls can't keep their hands off him.

  2. gratel (v) reduce to very small pieces - grate finely.
    prokini (n) very hard Swiss cheese
    chinsfor (n) stubble that doesn't quite qualify as being a beard.
    That's quite some chinsfor you've got there. You could gratel prokini with it.

  3. Prokini- (Pro-KEE-ni)

    noun: A swimsuit that makes you look and feel good.

    "Wow, that prokini really makes you look good!"

  4. Prokini- (Pro-KEE-ni)

    noun: A bikini that has a few extra features that you don't really need, but for which they charge you a lot more.

    See: Adobe Acrobat Pro, Paint Shop Pro, FileMaker Pro, etc., etc., etc....

  5. gratel \gray' til\ n.
    the slimy top of the oatmeal or porridge after it sits for a time

    Grandma made oatmeal for every breakfast I can rememeber, and even though we didn't like it we knew that we had to get it quick before the gratel formed on the top making it unappetizing.

  6. Hedgie stole my four chins analogy which I was going to assert was me. ahhhh. Now I must take a moment of silence to plot my revenge.

  7. chinsfor [noun]
    From the words "chin" and "pinafore," a specialized bib that connects to the chin. Particularly used by those with beards.

    The elves didn't know what to get the man who has everything, until they saw a chinsfor on the Internet and knew it was the perfect end-of-the-Season gift.