Monday, December 29, 2008

It's Almost Last Year!

Sorry for the break but what with the holidays and all. I hope everyone had a great Christmas or whichever winter holiday you celebrate. Here's one to try to send 2008 out on the right note.


  1. drism (n) the saliva that ends up on one's desk when one falls asleep while working.

    The boss walked into my cubical and I woke up, using my sleeve to clear the drism that covered the Bailey file.

  2. Drism is the word for a feeling I get when the rain is misting from above and gently softens itself onto my face (mmmm).

  3. drism (noun) -- A scientific instrument which breaks up light into various shades of gray. A portmanteau word from "dismal prism."

    Ex.: Nancy was so glum her mood was like the light from a drism.

  4. Drism (n) A morbid fear of drought.

    Without that rain his drism would have been brought on again...

  5. Drism- A person who is constantly dreary and brings everyone else down with them

    "Oh Robert, you're such a Drism"

  6. drism: (n) a condition of the skin, excessively dry and flaky.

    Her drism had gotten so bad that no amount of lotion helped.

  7. Drism: a glass object which by virtue of its shape, converts a spectrum of light to white light.
    Place the drism under a rainbow and get a ray of clear white light!

  8. Oooooh, I like what anonymous wrote about the white light...nice Prachi {I visualized that}.

    I like optimism ;o).

  9. drism (verb) pl. dri zum

    Action which results in an absence or deficiency of real or percieved moisture.

    Darling, please don't put salt on the steaks before you barbeque them because it drism.

  10. Drism (slang)(Snoop Dogg origin)

    urban terminology for a drill.

    ie: Yo kid, hand me the drism so I can finish this birdhouse.

  11. haha i like whaat houstonbch said
    ... i totally agree (:

  12. I know this one doesn't count, but I just ran across this remarkable attempt to spell "prejudices" on a poetry website: predudiceses.

    predudiceses [n, fem, pl (sing predudicess) -- A gathering of females who have not yet attained but are approaching the status of duds.