Friday, November 28, 2008

Oooh, I'm Stoofed!

Beat those Black Friday Blahs with this teaser!


  1. Noun
    pution, (plural putiones)

    1. A devout supporter and fan of Vladimir Putin.

    If you want to join, go to

  2. putione(s) put-ee-one noun

    Colloquial expression for anything wearable, i.e. jewelry, clothing, shoes.

    "Molly, what did you do with your putiones? It's time to go!"

  3. putiones [pl. noun POO-shuns]
    Foul-smelling patent medicines.

    I wasn't going to buy anything from that peddler on the road, but his putiones had an odor so rank that I became convinced they must work!

  4. putiones [pl. noun POO-shon-es]

    A small chocolate cookie sprinkled with flakes of sweetened shredded coconut. Usually served at baby showers and wakes.

    Mmmmm, these putiones are delicious, sorry about your loss.


    Mmmmm, these putiones are wonderful, when is your due date?

  5. Putiones (pronounced Poot-e-o-naze) are Spanish slippers. They are usually only worn by very old folk and the term has a slightly derogatory meaning.
    he just potters around all day in his putiones.