Thursday, November 20, 2008

Hoo can stop Beth from threepeating?

This might get your creative juices flowing!


  1. tranter [v.i.]
    To pretend to be less intelligent than one really is.

    I don't understand why she's such a tranter whenever she gets around the frat boys.

  2. Just realized I called it an intransitive verb, and then used it as a noun. I guess trant must be the verb, then...

    And a nice VW:
    sailikik [v.i. SAIL-ee-kick]
    A new extreme sport consisting of sailing on floater so narrow that one leg has to hang off of it.

    Duuude, I heard Mitch hasn't been seen around the beach lately because he ran off to Hawai'i to study sailikiking from a gorgeous babe he met at the Kon-Tiki Surfside Lounge.

  3. Tranter [Tee-ran-Ter]noun

    A Bostonian who snaps when their subway train stops in the tunnel that one time too many.

    The tranter tossed his briefcase on the floor, threw his coffee in the air and let loose a piercing tirade of expletives at the T, its management and all who worked for it, their families and their pets.

  4. Okay, so my blog roll is updating; I just needed to refresh my page. :-D

    A very small, fuzzy spider.

    "Carl, do you have another of them moles on your face? Oh, no, it's movin'! Oh, dear, that's one of them tranters! Pause. Sorry, baby, I had to kill it, and this here wooden spoon was the closest weapon I could find."

  5. Tranter [v. (TRAHN-tur) from 2 Cen. AD Latin: to cross or move]
    1. To travel between two points in a lackadaisical manner, to meander.
    I reckon I ought to tranter home hoping I run into Miss Kitty on the way home.

  6. Tranter: a trashy girl who rants about everything on her blog (amalgamation of the Olde English term tramp: she who will have sex for money and the Greek word racantonteur: one who tells everyone what they think when no one wants to know)

    If I hear that tranter go on about her venereal diseases one more time, I'm deleting her from my blogroll.

  7. tranter (noun) a woman who gave birth to three sets of triplets.

    Suzie made news headlines after being named only the fourth tranter in the history of Australia.

  8. Tranter (noun)
    the tool used to replace ripped diaphrams in positive diaplacement pumps.

    He extended the tranter over the diaphram lip and pulled, before he realized he hadn't closed the intake valve. By then it was too late.

  9. V.W.:
    rubcom [ROOB-com, noun]
    An Internet message board for Rubik's Cube enthusiasts

    Those guys on my rubcom are so fun! Here's an example from today's posts:
    Curt da Cubemaster: hey i finally solved the 5x5 cube!
    Rob3rt: Oh, man, I've only done the 4x4! You're such a SQUARE!
    Curt da Cubemaster: lol, square, ur 2 funny! off to create some cubist art.
    RuBRENTs Cube: ha ha ha ha rofl these puns kill me!

  10. tranter (noun) - a young lady of easy virtue but who does it for fun not money. Please note that older women and prostitutes are therefore, by definition, excluded from being tranters - much as some of the former might like to still see themeselves as such.

  11. tranter /trahn-TAY/ v. French
    1: to put into a trance-like state
    2: to mesmerize

    Pierre gazed deeply into Suzette's liquid chocolate eyes and appeared to be "en tranter" with her pristine beauty. I changed the word a bit, and my high school French was quite a long time ago!